SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN at the Bristol Hippodrome

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“…Visually the show is superb. The one-set-fits-all is basically a vast film studio but also becomes a theatre, an office and a street onto which thousands of gallons of water are poured every night. The lighting and the costumes combine to re-create the bright but soft and subtle colours of old Technicolor movies…The big production numbers like the Busby Berkeley-esque Beautiful Girls complete with shiny aeroplane followed by the famous and very wet title song, were spectacular, as was the apache ballet in the second half….”

KING LEAR in the Bodleian Library Quad, Oxford


“…Lear is a role that most serious actors crave to play, and has included the likes of Ian McKellen, Laurence Olivier, Derek Jacobi and Michael Gambon but to name a few. Marcell’s portrayal is stupendous – stripped back to its simplest form, it is touching, humble and believable…the setting lends itself to such a production and it works successfully because it is imaginative, is played at just the right tempo…On a warm summer’s evening what a delight!”

A LITTLE NONSENSE at the Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol


“…There is some cleverly funny business involving balloons and childbirth and again a nice piece of mime about getting caught by a fishing hook…This is a pre-Edinburgh work-out for the company whose challenging theatrical cocktail of slapstick, surrealism and naturalism should, having found the right balance between those elements, find a natural home at the festival and a winning hand to show the festival-goers.”

TRIPLE BILL at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol

Triple 2

“3rd Stage is a dance company which provides a platform for performers from a range of backgrounds who find that dance is an important part of their lives and feel the need to express part of their being through the medium…The whole performance was one of variety of mood and style, elegance and anxiety, poise and commitment. The professional dancers were marked by great technique and the youth company by great enthusiasm and accomplishment….”

DARREN HAYMAN at the Everyman Studio, Cheltenham

Darren Hayman

It’s always nice to discover a performer for the first time. I had never heard of Darren Hayman until Buzz, Buzz, Buzz started to promote last night’s concert in the Everyman Studio – which is strange really because Darren Hayman is just the sort of…

Preview of OLIVER TWIST at various open-air venues

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19th July – 2nd August. By Jeremy Brock, adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens ‘The scene, the workhouse; the time, night; and the place, that cruel hole where miserable drabs gave birth…A boy was born there… I speak of one named Oliver Twist.’ An…