SHOW- STOPPER at the Everyman Cheltenham

★★★★☆ There are so many levels on which this is enjoyable. If you want engaging and funny audience interaction, it works. If you want farcical comedy and drama on stage with some piping musical numbers (all assembled on the spot), it works.

THE ISLAND at Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

★★★☆☆ The Island is played in the round on a sparse stage set with plain lighting; we feel like voyeurs looking down into the cell. The two actors have nothing to hide behind and thanks to strong performances by both we get a real sense of the relationship between the two prisoners.

LA CAGE AUX FOLLES at Bristol Hippodrome

★★★★☆ The musical is based on an earlier farce, Birds of a Feather, the bones of which lie close to the surface of the present production. The core structure is a love quadrangle: boy/girl, boy/father, (gay) father/transvestite ‘wife’, transvestite ‘wife’/’son’.

WAITING FOR GOD at the Theatre Royal in Bath

★★★☆☆ While a media storm envelopes Theresa May’s U-turn on care provision, Michael Aitken’s Waiting for God suddenly finds greater relevance , , , Nichola McAuliffe is a perfect Trent – at as much ease with her cantankerous nature as she was with her fleeting vulnerability. Her’s was the performance to savour while others sometimes dipped perilously close to pantomime.