THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE at Bath Theatre Royal


“…Natalie Imbruglia does a good job of presenting the sweet and mild Nikki in this her stage debut – most convincing when mewling excuses for not having sex with the hot-bloodied Hamish, her ‘Big Bear’…. ★★★★☆

STATIC at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol


Static is a one-act play which attempts to understand the present from a rolling past.  It presents a romp through salient parts of recent history through the eyes of a sensitive and socially disengaged youth-becoming-young-man who is addicted to the window on the world provided…

THIS MAY HURT A BIT at the Everyman Cheltenham


“…manages to be a political rant and an hilarious comedy at the same time … This is an amazing, beautifully conceived and executed play. Perhaps its publicity and presentation let it down a bit, but do not be put off. This is good theatre on all levels and deserves to be seen.

Preview of FLOWN at the Oxford Playhouse


Friday 18th and Saturday 19th April. Spectacular circus combined with live music, FLOWN is a captivating evening of circus packed with daredevil stunts, madcap humour and brilliant live music. Presented by the same team who brought the sell-out Petit Mal to the Playhouse, Flown follows…

BLOOD BROTHERS at Bristol Hippodrome


Willy Russell seems to be a playwright particularly attracted to music. One of his early plays John, Paul, George, Ringo & Bert displayed a strong affinity with his subject so I think it was no coincidence that the group of which Russell was a part…

FALLEN WOMEN – WNO at Bristol Hippodrome


If there was one word that would sum up Welsh National Opera it would be progressive. They do not rest on their, or opera’s, laurels. They often choose fairly obscure, rarely performed pieces and present them in a new and original way. Their previous season,…


More Stephanie Cole…

talking about the highly acclaimed This May Hurt a Bit which ends at Cheltenham Everyman tonight.