OTHELLO at Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

16th February – 1st April.

Presented by Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory. One of Shakespeare’s most startlingly contemporary plays, Othello is a masterful depiction of a life torn apart by racism and the destructive nature of prejudice.

Venice, a western colonial power, employs the newly-married Othello, a Muslim general, to lead their army against Turkish invasion. The difficulties of assimilating into a society riven by discrimination, fear and mistrust, soon begin to take their toll on Othello: manipulated by Iago, his life quickly unravels, and he turns on all he holds dear.

A truly timeless play, Othello speaks afresh to each society that comes to it: a warning weaved within the fabric of the tragedy, more urgent than ever, compelling us to look beyond divisions of race, religion or culture and acknowledge our universal humanity.

Christopher Bianchi Duke/Gratiano
Alan Coveney Brabantio
Piers Hampton Cassio
Hayat Kamille Bianca
Mark Lockyer Iago
Brian Lonsdale Roderigo
Norah Lopez Holden Desdemona
Abraham Popoola Othello
John Sandeman Lodovico
Ghazwan Safadi Montano
Katy Stephens Emilia
with Joel Macey, Zachary Powell and Kenton Thomas