BABY DADDY at The Door, Birmingham Rep

Baby Daddy at the Birmingham Rep, is a frank and hilarious look at what it’s like to be single mother in her 20s, dreading that day her daughter realises that they are not the typical nuclear family, and asks the question “Where is my Daddy?” Written and performed by REP Foundry member, Elinor Coleman, in this autobiographical piece never shies away from openly talking about her life experiences that could be sometimes deemed taboo. Yet Coleman uses her wicked, unapologetic sense of humour to provide a touching and at some points harrowing view on these subjects.

Baby Daddy is a fast-paced performance looking at everything from dating to struggling through mental health issues with a baby in tow. Occasionally, because of the vast amount of experiences Coleman has to tell the audience about being a single mother, sometimes these moments are quickly passed over so can at times feel rushed. Yet some of these anecdotes are so beautifully portrayed by Coleman the audience still relish in these moments.

Coleman weaves in and out of it mixing song and spoken word to explore these sensitive subjects. The songs are beautifully performed, making the audience laugh and cry within minutes of each other. Coleman really played to her strengths, when writing this Baby Daddy.  This performance is enhanced by live music by the talented Ricardo Rocha.

Coleman strives to break the stereotype of a single young mother who has to experience everything from toddler temper tantrums to the prenatal classes by herself. She challenges the idea of the nuclear family and what society seems to be norm. Leaving the audience questioning why does society not see single mothers as a complete family?

Baby Daddy is part of the New and Nurtured festival at The Rep, Birmingham. This festival looks at giving new artists a chance to showcase their work while being supported by experienced professionals.  New and Nurtured continues through November at the theatre.   ★★★★☆  Georgina Randall   3rd November 2017