Peter Pan Goes Wrong. Dress Rehearsal

Peter Pan Goes Wrong is the follow up to The Play That Goes Wrong. The show tells the story of Cornley Polytechnic Dramatic Society as they put on their annual Christmas production of Peter Pan. Everything that could go wrong in amateur theatre does so in this production, and to comedic effect.

To say too much about the gags would be criminal, nobody should be robbed of the joy of experiencing them for themselves; but with lighting and scenery glitches and cast relationships played out on stage you get the idea of where the show is heading. Those that have been involved in amateur theatre may well recognise and relate to some of the events that take place. So go see it yourself, you certainly won’t regret it.

The set is very clever indeed, resembling an amateur productions scenery; but of course it is so much more than just that. It plays a huge part in the mishaps that occur and I’m sure has been designed with such precision to ensure the jokes work and that the actors are safe at all times.

The use of physical comedy is fantastic. With the amount of mishaps endured by the amateur performers in the story, the health and safety officer must have had a nightmare trying to keep this production in line with regulations – this is certainly one job you could not envy. The entire cast has a camaraderie that allows them to play off each other most wonderfully and with some of the comedy involved, this is a must. Credit must go to director Adam Meggido for the way he rallies his troops and ensures they never let the pace and intensity drop.

The finale to the show is perfectly riotous; again to say too much about it would be unforgivable, but it has the audience in stitches until their sides ache. The frantic pace is kept up from start to end. Hysterically funny: I can’t remember the last time I laughed as much – A real hoot of an audience pleaser. ★★★★★ Sam Chipman  (Reviewed in Birmingham, 28/01/15)