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To cover our costs we are making a few spaces available for advertising in StageTalk Magazine. In order to maintain the integrity and preserve the ever changing editorial content, a maximum of ten spaces will be available at any one time. All ads will appear on the front page as well as on many of the pages throughout the magazine.

All prices are per week. We will give discounts if longer, continuous periods are booked. Please ask for details. Ads can be linked to your own website/box office by just clicking on them.

Adverts should be supplied in JPEG format along with your URL (website address) so we can link the ad to it.

Your artwork should be larger than the printed size in high quality 300dpi and will be reduced on the page. Please be aware of the minimum size for readable text. For a small fee we can make up your ad for you.

Please contact us at for further information or to place an ad.

Alternatively, you can click on the appropriate size ad (left or right) and place your ad online, paying with PayPal



DISPLAY ADVERTS will appear on the front page and several subsequent pages. There are limited spaces available.

Left Column

  • Format 1    £19.50 pw

  • Format 2    £29.50 pw

Right column

  • Format 1    £12.50 pw

  • Format 2    £19.50 pw


SPECIAL FEATURE – Front Page Video Trailer/Feature including up to 120 characters of text.


This is the most exiting space available on StageTalk Magazine and allows you to place video trailers or other video features on our front page. Go to our front page to see how it works.

Front page video £35 per week


Click on the format you require to order an advertisement or contact us to discuss your requirements


StageTalk Magazine reserves the right to refuse any advertisement it deems unsuitable or inappropriate.

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