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SHREK THE MUSICAL at the Birmingham Hippodrome

“Appropriate, easy to follow and enormously entertaining, Shrek The Musical is perhaps the easiest recommendation for a night out in Birmingham that anyone could give over the Easter period . . . This is a show that bursts with colour, not only in its set design and props, but in its cast of characters, which include everyone from the Fairy Godmother to the Three (Large) Little Pigs . . . Go and see this show. If a friend is going this Easter weekend and you are not, prepare to be green with envy. There are too many fantastic moments to list . . . ”

A Passion for Birmingham at the Old Joint Stock

” . . . A Passion for Birmingham is difficult to describe; one’s religious orientation and political position bear more weight in forming one’s opinion of this Old Joint Stock production than perhaps any other this year . . . Preaching to the unconverted is often a problem paramount to the most adroit dramaturgy, but A Passion for Birmingham maintains a commitment to immersive storytelling and boasts enough strong central performances and great music to impress.”

Young REP Festival – HAMLETS at Library of Birmingham

” . . . The story is a literary classic, but the Company were finely attuned to that burden, in which many of the audience may “know the story” without knowing the story in its intricacies. I last studied the play in school. There were questionnaires before and after querying the audience’s relationships with the play. While the immersive experience perhaps made it less likely to come away knowing the ins-and-outs, its major plot points were scenes displayed for the group as a whole . . . Overall, a bold and interesting production, variable in quality. . . ”

CLAMBER UP THE CRUCIFIX at the Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

” . . . Jonny McClean gives a versatile performance and the distinction between characters, rooted in his clarity of accents, is never a problem.. . . this piece of theatre aims to do its utmost to help us understand and should be applauded for the honesty John Kitchen’s script and the performance portrays. . . . A gritty, honest, unique piece of theatre that has you hooked from start to finish; a great reminder of our historical heritage that we should all strive to understand and respect – go see it if you can.”

Joseph Heller’s CATCH 22 at Birmingham Rep

“…The production is both tragic and humorous at the same time, the acting is splendid and the witty exchanges between characters help achieve light and shade within the performance … Phillip Arditti plays Yossarian and barely leaves the stage within an assured performance. His performance is the gel that makes the rest of the piece work, his restraint and truthfulness really uncovering the crazy world around him.”

BLINK on tour – Bristol and Birmingham

Whilst it may be true that for every Jack there is a Jill, Phil Porter’s quirky love story of the lonely and the maladjusted, explores why that is not always true for the damaged in society. Jonah appears to be one of society’s fringe dwellers, having had his normal emotional organs crushed by an oppressive…

EVITA on tour

“…The strength of Evita over many other musicals of the past twenty or thirty years is its sheer volume of great numbers. You have to go back to the shows I mentioned earlier, and their like, to find so many outstanding songs per square yard. With Les Mis, Phantom or Cats, for instance, you only have one or two great, show stopping numbers. Evita has lots and lots….”