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Like The Importance of Being Earnest, Mrs Warren’s Profession is a play about the social mores of its day but while Wilde is, on the surface, frivolous, Shaw has larger fish to fry than whether cucumber sandwiches should have their crusts cut off. . . This production addresses important issues but addresses them in a way that is palatable and very entertaining with some outstanding performances.

Emily Woodward star of MRS WARREN’S PROFESSION

Emily Woodward is appearing in the Cheltenham Everyman production of George Bernard Shaw’s MRS WARREN’S PROFESSION. In this exclusive interview she talks to Michael Hasted about her role in the play and about being a member of a distinguished theatrical family.

Ladies GoDiva at the Playhouse, Cheltenham

” . . . All the numbers were very theatrical and all of them could easily have come out of successful West End musicals. In fact, if you strung them together with a decent book you’d probably have a successful West End musical . . . there wasn’t a bad song among them . . . There was a good mix of humour and serious stuff and, for me, the solo numbers were almost the strongest . . . Ladies GoDiva is a class act. Helen Goldwyn’s songs are exceptionally good and the performances by all three ladies were really brilliant.”

WILL HARVEY’S WAR at the Everyman Cheltenham

It is only right and proper that the Everyman Theatre, one of the main focal points of culture in Cheltenham, should take it upon itself to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of First World War….The production Paul Milton has put together is no mean achievement, involving, as it does, over sixty performers… Will Harvey’s War has been a mammoth, and for the most part successful, undertaking for which Paul Milton, the Everyman and all those involved should take a great deal of pride.

HETTY FEATHER at the Everyman, Cheltenham

“…is a beautifully staged show. The set is like a circus ring with ropes, drapes, ladders and trapezes. It is these that enable Hetty to experience her young world, to climb trees and ride horses when she is fostered out to a farm before being returned, at the age of six, to a life behind locked doors…”


“…manages to be a political rant and an hilarious comedy at the same time … This is an amazing, beautifully conceived and executed play. Perhaps its publicity and presentation let it down a bit, but do not be put off. This is good theatre on all levels and deserves to be seen.